"Yes Jeff And Melody  -  I Want Your Company To Be My Hiring Management Team"

Pick one of these Two Options Below that Works Best For You!

#1 - I'd like to go with the "do it myself" model, where I get your $1 trial and your 4 monthly coaching calls where you help me make $5000 to $10,000 a month doing internet markeitng and outsourcing. I'll get access to your amazing package, which is found here: http://www.outsourcedtv.com/day5/ and after 30 days, I can continue on at $597 a month and I'll have all the info I need to hire my own virtual assistants from the Philippines.

#2 - I can have you do it all for me! Heck I don't want to work too hard and Melody sounds amazing - I love the fact that 30 days from now, I'll have a Virtual Worker ready to go and ready to do all my hard and boring internet marketing work. I understand that when I pay the $749 hiring fee, that I will also get access to the Outsource Secrets Revealed Online Training modules as well including all the amazing bonuses found here: http://www.outsourcedtv.com/day5/. I do also understand that option #2 DOES NOT INCLUDE 1 on 1 Coaching and that this is simply a "finder/training fee" which goes towards Melody and the team doing all the grunt work for me.

Here is what you get with the Done For you Hiring System:

  1. A data collection process from you, the business owner

  2. Posting of the job description on several hiring websites

  3. Resumes analyzed of potential employees

  4. Personal Interviews of each potential candidate

  5. Marketing or Skills Test project for the potential candidate to complete

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